I'm a software engineer based in Washington DC. Formerly, I was a registered nurse specializing in mental health and orthopedic post op care. A few years ago I turned a lifelong hobby into a second career.

This site features articles regarding coding, nursing, and startups - also occasional essays on topics I'm interested in, which could pretty much be anything.

How I work

I enjoy leveling up developers around me and enjoy pair programming both in person and remotely.

Most of the time, I'm a proponent of TDD, SRP, object oriented and domain driven design. I enjoy design patterns and code abstractions but have come to learn the value of pragmatism through the years, often switching to 'Get Shit Done' mode when the situation warrants it.

Most days I strive to be a git commit perfectionist. I work to elevate documentation and git standards on every team I'm on.

My prized possession is a signed copy of Sandi Metz's POODR. One time I almost got into a car crash from being overly excited after listening to a programming podcast and realizing they were talking about one of my blog posts.

I like hefeweizens, despise stouts and enjoy the occasional injection of deadpan and sarcasm. Disclaimer: I am that geek in your office with a mechanical keyboard.

Overtime I've come to realize that being a good software engineer is as much about being able to communicate clearly and effectively as it is pounding out code. The former is oftentimes much more challenging.

Side Projects

  • Meetingzero

    A simple SaaS solution that allows anyone or any organization to track the effectiveness and ROI of their meetings, seamlessly.

Speaking Engagements


Email: glennpeter dot espinosa at gmail dot com

Connect with me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn. My resume can be downloaded here: download resume.

Can I hire you?

Yes. As of June 2019, I will have been on a sabbatical of indeterminante length. During this time I am dedicated to learning new languages, finishing up side projects and focusing on open source. Even still, I am open to exploring positions at fast paced, early stage (< 75 employees) startups, preferably in the SaaS or healthcare space.

I have extensive experience with meeting tight deadlines, fast iteration sprints, and optimizing for customer success. I'm the founder of Alexandria Code & Coffee where developers reach out and mentor new developers.